Who We Help

JumpStart Consulting specializes in providing marketing + technology consulting services to early stage companies, or those in high growth mode. We have significant experience in healthcare, financial services and retail. Our clients appreciate the honest and direct approach we take in providing guidance and project direction, as well as the quality and timeliness of our work. We spend time up front in order to get to know you and understand your needs before we take on new clients to ensure we are the right fit for each other.


JumpStart Consulting helps startup CEO’s that need marketing and technology expertise, but aren’t yet ready to hire these full-time positions. We also provide part-time CMO/CTO engagements to enhance the executive team, which can be critical in order to get the next round of funding. Unlike most consulting firms, we have worked with many startups, and understand the typical challenges, environments, and types of people who do startups.

Development/Technology Leaders

So much rides on the technology for a tech startup, and it is critical to be staffed with experienced people who can multi-task as developers, product management, QA, etc. It can be very challenging to find this type of well-rounded experience in one or two people. We can help busy technology leaders with specialized project work related to app development, product road maps, product and regulatory requirements, testing environments, beta site implementations, and much more. We take your needs, apply best practices, and lean methods to get the work done quickly and with quality.

Marketing Leaders

Whether you are at a startup, or a large global company that’s been around for decades, we can help busy marketing leaders with specialized marketing project work. We can even conduct a marketing department audit to find opportunities to improve the efficiency of your marketing operations, including your team, plan/tactics, results, budget, and automation/analytics software.
When you need expertise and reliability, and can’t hire another full-time staff member, we can help you execute with quality.


Clients Served:

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