How We Work

We start by fully understanding your current situation, history, key challenges, goals and timelines, and then proceed to developing a recommendation of how we will accomplish the work you need. Once this approach is agreed upon, we will create a statement of work, and quote and then when approved, will start the engagement. We provide weekly status updates, or as often as needed until the engagement is complete. Afterwards, we touch base to review the results or outcomes of our work, and your satisfaction level with us.

We take the best practices from global brands, and enterprise systems, and apply a streamlined approach for startup or smaller companies. We are disciplined, but also flexible, and we focus on what is really necessary to enable you to achieve your goal or the next milestone. You can always count on us for direct and honest advice and feedback, as well as connections to our network of others who service, support and invest in startups.

We put a lot of effort into helping our clients succeed, and we take only as much business as we can handle, therefore we are selective. We believe in a long-term relationship so we spend more time with you up front to get to know you. Each new client can get up to 5 hours of free consulting time. This helps us ensure we will be a good fit before we take on any significant consulting engagements.

We are always your direct point of contact. We create, develop, direct, mange, and review everything before you see it. We also have a team of experienced designers, developers and analysts that we utilize in the execution of client projects. We are completely transparent in how we work. Our payment model is based on a fee per service, and sometimes we will consider equity options as well.

Let us know what you need, and we can determine if we are the right fit. Learn more about us, what we do, and who we help.