Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins leads the technology consulting services side for JumpStart Consulting, helping clients with their software development, product management, research, quality assurance, infrastructure and technical strategy, and staffing needs.

Mike has 18 years of software engineering and product management experience at startup and large global companies within the financial services, healthcare and education industries.

In 2012, after spending several years in the New York Metro area, he relocated to Cincinnati for the crowdfunding startup SoMoLend, where he was the CTO.

Prior to SoMolend, Mike led product strategy, and product innovation for a General Electric Healthcare business unit.

Mike was a software architect and engineering manager for the Cleveland-based healthcare tech startup RIS Logic, which grew its annual revenue of $150,000 to $40 million over a four-year period, and was acquired by Merge Healthcare. At Dynamic Imaging, a New Jersey based early stage software company, he was the Director of Product Management responsible for new product innovation in the three years leading up to their acquisition by General Electric.

He previously designed and developed cross-platform systems and services for Schwab.com, SchwabPlan.com and the back-end systems for the brokerage and retirement planning units to support client assets and investor accounts.

Mike is a software guy, who is also a business strategy guy, who can speak very well, which comes in handy when pitching investors, presenting to a board, or explaining a technical concept in layman’s terms so that all stakeholders can easily understand.

Mike is currently on a leave of absence from Columbia University. He is the lead author of four patents in the areas of adaptive workflow, resource prioritization and user experience.

Mobile: 347-560-0592
E-mail: mhawkins@jumpstartb2b.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@michaelhawkins
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mhawkins